A Travel Ethnology of the Subcontinent India and Nepal

India maybe the ultimate place for the independent English speaking adventure traveler. Colonized by the British, India offers an amazing door open for the would be visitor: the ability to converse with many local people.  English speaking tourists have a great advantage, you can simply ask someone for directions and strike up a conversation with many different people. Indians are sociable birds and will make friends easily, don't be put off this is their culture.

Cities, beaches, mountains, temples, ancient ruins, interesting people, bizarre rituals take your pick. Even spirituality can be found in India, can traveling to an another country really make a traveler more 'spiritual?' This is an outstanding offer if true. Perhaps westerners can learn from people who have so much less but are so much freer.

Many people will say that the metaphysically talk of India is merely talk, and spirituality or consciousness has nothing to do with where you are physically and everything to do with where you are mentally. 

I would say YES India can offer many amazing things and even can make someone more spiritually or conscious. How does India do this? Through thousands of years of culture there has developed a national consciousness, while there are many religions in India there is one dominate culture of advaita, all is one, all is god all is consciousness. This way of thinking can not help but be contagious, the smiles and friendliness are real in India. No where in the world will find people who believe that the 'guest is god.'

India has changed now in 2014, ten years ago there was a lot less wealth in India; no one had cars, TV's or cellphones. Indians themselves have now become the dominate force in India's tourism market. 

Domestic Indian tourism numbers one to two hundred million per year versus just five million foreigners (that was just 1 million five years ago!) Most of the 5 million foreigners in India are in Pune, Goa, Mumbai or Rajasthan, some in North India and many in Tamil Nadu. Most tourists are desi Indians from America or the UK, then Europe and Australia.  Solo females are dream from the past.


Ten years ago there where only a few domestic flights, nowadays you can search cleartrip and find a flight for less than $80 to Mumbai -New Delhi (if you book in advance.)   Domestic airports are everywhere and flights are taking off every minute.

Needless to say Indians attitude is starting to change towards foreigners. It is much easily for a local guest house to cater to local tourism than make an exception for foreign tourist. Foreign tourists expect certain things and standard that often end up in a rude awakening in the middle of the night, may it be a bedbug bite or unscheduled maintenance in the vacant room next to yours - you may survive India. You may not. That's because over 100 foreigners die in India for various reasons, accidents, drugs, unknown causes - misadventures.

This is community site intended to help newbie travelers and provide deep insight to old hands, above all to promote Zero Foot Print Travelling and DIY adventures.

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Enjoy India!

Dust and Pollution Warning: Pollution and inorganic dust in the air has increased all over India and Nepal outside of the rainy season or just after it. From December - May you may want to avoid travel in the north or southern cities. People with respiratory illness should plan carefully. Inorganic dust includes silica, asbestos, lime and other chemicals. Wear a fine particular mask when traveling can reduce the load on our lungs. Better yet travel during the monsoon.

Earth Quake warning. Nepal has suffer serious earthquake damage in Kathmandu and surounding areas. Kathmandu is in a fragile state, with many building ready to fall down. Scientists are warning of another serious earth quake that is set to strike in unknown time frame from next week to the next 10 years. There has been over 120 small earth quakes in 2015 alone, many around Kathmandu. Pokhara maybe be set for a major quake, but nobody knows for sure.