Agonda Beach is just 5km from Palolem Beach and is much the same situation it just a bigger beach in Agonda and little less development. Agonda also has more a village life and less of night time party which not saying much. The water is a bit rougher. It used be different from Palolem but no it just the same. Agonda is so big it will take  hour to walk from one end to the other. North Agonda is in the local Agonda Beach village. Central Agonda Beach is the Church, bus stand and shops. South Agonda Beach are less trees and leads to a rocky headlands and also the jungle walk to Butterfly Beach (a secret beach!) See map below.


The Good: This beach has a large village behind, so there is local flavor unlike many beaches that are only for tourists. Agonda Beach in South Goa is a very long and wide beach, more than 5km. Jungle and forest is easily accessible. You can swim with dolphins here. 


Over all Rating: 75%




The Bad: Over crowded conditions. The demand exceeds the supply. Prices go up but value goes down. There isn't much shade left with all the guesthouses and restaurants. Restaurants may blast music to attract customers.

The Ugly: Sometimes there are robberies from huts or rooms in Agonda. Burning of plastic on the beach. Some criminal elements.

Friendly fishermen in Agonda Beach. These guys also do fishing and dolphin trips.

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+4 # CH 2013-10-30 17:06
I'm coming to Agonda to do my yoga teachers training but want to spend my days off exploring the local area / seeing some natural beauty - can suggest any places I should go apart from the beach, and visiting the local vilage. Is the national park within easy reach? Where do you reccommend go for the day?

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