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If have a chance you should visit Bhaktapur after the monsoon in October when the air is clean. This is a beautiful place and much gentler than Kathmandu.

Bhaktapur is an ornate World Heritage Site just 15km from Kathmandu City.  The popular sites are:

Durbar Square, yes similar to the one in Kathmandu

  • Lions Gate, 1700AD Lions carvings
  • The Golden Gate, decorated gate of Kali
  • The Palace of Fifty-five Windows, Palace for 1450AD
  • The Picture Gallery, The Art gallery

The Statue of King Bhupatindra Malla Batsala Temple

The Pashupati Temple, a copy from Kathmandu

Map of Bhaktapur

Newarian town with a function sewage system courtesy of the Germans. There is a $10 entrance fee (now raised to $20!

You can circumvent this by going around the front gate

via a path some 20 meters before hand. The locals don't pay anything of course.

- Detail Map

- 5 Recommended Guesthouses

- Direction to Nagarkot

- Direction to Kathmandu

- Popular waking routes

Bhaktapur tourist map



Accommodations in Bhaktapur

Guesthouse are old style building that have plenty of atmosphere but lack in comforts. As always you have to query the room your are shown. Room rates are 400-1000 Rs, but expect to be punished up to $20 per night if you arrive late of if there is a room shortage which can be the case in season.

  • Shiva Guesthouse - A good budge choice
  • Ganesh Guesthouse - Another resonable choice
  • Sunny Guesthouse, Pagonda Guesthousem,
  • Bhaktapur Hotel and Golden Gate Guesthouse are the upscale option, $60+ per night

Getting to Bhaktapur

  • Look to pay around 600-1000Rs to Thamel or the bus stand for a taxi, will be more in late in the evening or night
  • Local bus runs to Kathmandu every 20 minutes take much longer.
  • icon Download Bhaktapur e-guide ( )

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