Bundi Fort



The Good: Bundi is a romantic Rajasthan Palace and Fort close to major rail heads. For a major tourist attraction it is much less developed than regular Rajasthan tourist trail. You can stay inside a Havali for a inexpensive price.

Bundi consists of Garh Palace and the Taragarh Fort, a number of different class guesthouses and few restaurants and shops. A small market and village is there but not much else but a village of 80,000 people.


As well you will find numerous step wells, kunds, baoris around this area, the Nawal Sagar is an artificial lake in the center of Bundi..


downThe Bad: Numerous old establish guesthouse are on the main pathway through Bundi which has now turned into a highway! You should avoid staying close to the roadway if possible due to honking of horns and trucks passing by. Can be very hot even in October. Not much to do after a day of the Fort and the Palace.

Overall Rating: 81% It's Bundi-ful!

Nawal Sagar is lake here you will find the Vedic God, Varuna, God of Water.

Map Of Bundi

From the local bus stand in Bundi you will still have a ways to your guesthouse, a rickshaw will be in order.

Getting to Bundi: Kota Railway station is just 34 km away, there are regular buses are you could take a taxi the rest of the way to Bundi.

  • There are express Rajdhani express trains that stop at Kota or other ordinary trains.

To Upidpur:: There is local bus service from Kota will take 8 hours at least.

Accommodations in Bundi: Top end is the Bundi Heritage will co$t but you are inside the old Palace.

Taragarah Fort 1354 AD

Taragarh Fort of the Star Fort is in excellent condition for it's age. It look over and down to the town and valley bellow. Bhim Burj was the name of the bastion that fought here.

This map has special 3D features than can be access only by selecting --Earth.

3d-Map Taragarh  Fort


Train Station is close to everything in town but Kota is far from all.

Industrial Town, filled with bed bugs.


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