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Top 10 Scams of India


Car and Driver myth has grown in popularity, probably an off shoot of the tour group myth. For most tourist there is no need to hire a car and driver for your stay in India, a taxi at times that you need it will be much simpler.

Trains are much fast and safer for long distances and connect a variety of locations not to mention planes. Safety is an important concern for your trip to India, road accidents are very common in India. Cars provided to tourist are often a very cheap variety, with thin metal build, these cars or vans cost below 2k and are not built to western standards.  Most cars do not even have seat belts or safety seats for children.

If look out the window of the bus in India, every 50km you will see a smash and mangled pile of metal that was once a small car.  Bus is even safer.

Your hired driver will take you to various commission guest house and restaurants along they way. This is great for the driver, he gets paid for driving, paid for every meal or hopefully you will take a liking to some of the mass product tourist trinkets they sell all over India, that look so pretty. So they will be sapping money out of you every chance they get. Do you really want to spend you holiday with a 24 hour tout? Buses are also safer. If you need to go somewhere, where no train goes, simply hire a taxi when you get there. Taxis will be far cheaper in the end.

For example a train from Delhi to Agra takes less than two hours while a car will take three to four hours due to traffic. Traveling by train or bus is also an excellent way to interact with the real India, so don’t miss it. Don’t fall for the tour agency hype; it will cost you more and even your health in the end. Don't be scared to travel locally on your own, you'll miss the whole deal in India.

Domestic flight connect many more points in India average flight costs are 80-100 $Usd, and save an infinite amount of time and hassle.

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