Top 10 Scams of India



It is unfortunate that many foreigners continue to be scammed, and sometimes scammed big in India, year after year. 

It goes something like this: A French Canadian girl in her twenties hangs around Pushkar for a few weeks that turns into a few months. Staying with her new found local 'friends.'   She gets in with them, maybe cooking meals, rents a room at their house or an apartment cheap and time passes.  She's having the time of her life, India is sooo much better than her life back home she soon realizes.

Alas no money no honey she too much return to work. So, she goes back home to Canukastan to work, still in contact with her great friends, after months of working decides to sent them about 3000 $USD by Western Union money transfer, in return they are going UPS a package of valuable, saleable Gems or other types of jewelry, magic carpet etc. back to her in Canada. (i know, i know this sounds ridiculous but it happens again and again.)

The idea is that she would then sell them in Canada or Europe for a hansom profit, then come back to India to live the easy life, happily ever after.

The reason being is that her friends in India want to avoid paying sales tax or something like that.  After a week she sends Rajur an email,

" I haven't received the package yet? the silver ring you made for me?"

Shes already put a down payment on the local market for a small stall to work out of. Rajah explains,

Shes already put a down payment on the local market for a small stall to work out of. Rajah explains,

"We have such nice quality gems and stones for you, the man we have dealt with says for just $1000 more we can get a much bigger order. Could you just send just $1000 more and we will get nicer quality for you?"

   Or perhaps there was an accident in his family and they had to use the money for an emergency medical operation.

"If she could just send a bit more money the shipment would go under way."

The scam continues until the poor girl realizes the truth: she never going to get any gems or her money back. 

She's heart broken and can't believe it, that people could be so cruel. Usually starts with  some greed of the victim side too. In India there is a culture of lying and cheating that seems to blind side an number of foreigners every year weather wearing business suits or tie-dye parachute pants. Ca vet beware: When your dealing people with nothing to lose - you might just lose everything.

Land Scams Goa

The real estate and retirement boom has gone on for some years in India. There is a loop hole in the law that allows a foreigners to own land.

But a foreigner must be in India for more than 180 days during one calendar year. Then then the next year they are allowed to buy land in India.

But you have to be very careful about these things, particularly in Goa. It all must be documented. 

Many Europeans have come to Goa to work and live and there isn't enough land for them. Land scams abound, they can get to sign a lease and then the brother or cousin can come in claim to have a stake.  Locals can easily make life miserable for you as you have to leave.

Foreigner who run business can also become victims. Since they are illegal who will they complain too? Typical a foreigner want to get into business running a restaurant or guesthouse so they go in a partnership with a local. The foreigner puts in the money and the Indian partners runs. But soon problems arise and the foreigner is losing money and soon paradise turns sour. Soon the foreigner just gives up because it's not fun any more. His partner then claim the spoils of the business.


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