DIY Jomson Trek

DIY Trekking

A very popular trek in Nepal is to Jomson (Jomoson) and on to Kagibeni, and Muktinath. This is the gate way to the isolated Kingdom of Mustang. A good trek for beginners because the rise in altitude is gradual and good for acclimatization.

Day 1 Pokhara- Beni -Tatopani

From Pokhara it will be a long bus or taxi ride about 5-8 hours. Jeeps go up to Jomson from here or walk to Tatopani.  From Tatopani to Beni is very flat and will not be a tiring walk.

Tatopani has the hot springs and chocolate cake.

Day 2 Tatopani - Dana- Ghaza - Kalopani

  • Tatopani (1120m) to Dana to Ghaza (2010m)
  • Ghaza to Kalopani (2530m)

There is road build now along this way, many orange trees are here.

Day 3 Kalopani - Larjung - Tukuche - Marpha

  • Kalopani (2530m)
  • Larjung (2550m)
  • Tukuche (2590m)
  • Marpha (2670m)  Grow apples here and make wine.

Day 1 - Marpha - Jomson- Kagbeni

  • Marpha (2000m) 
  • Jomson (2500m) There is an airport here and not much else of interest. If you fly here you should not make the mistake of continuing up to Kagbeni due to the altitude problem. Instead head to pleasant Marpha.
  • Kagbeni (2800m) Medieval town, dry and windy you have enter Mustang now. Many place to stay including a Swiss cottage and a 'Yak'donalds' serving Yak burgers.

Day 4 Kagbeni  - Jharkot - Muktinath

  • Kagbeni (2800m) 
  • Jharkot (3270m) Ancient village
  • Muktinath (3750m) This is a holy pilgrimage spot for Hindus

This are has stunning high altitude beauty that is dry, dusty and filled with caves and riocks. If you feel the altitude you can always come back to Kagbeni and only go to Jharkot and Mukinath for a day trip.

Thorungla pass is the next stop, but this is the wrong way to go there it is too step and difficult. If you want to the around Annapurans you have to start at Besisahar.

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Hi thank you for this post. I am interested to know how much would it cost me if I independently trek Jomsom with a guide? Thank you so much

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