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Darjeeling is wonderful hill station in West Bengal India that offers everything an visitor might expect in India. Local folks are mostly Nepali so a change from the plains folk.

The quintessential toy train ride is a trip in recent history up to British Hill Station at 2100m, a much cooler climate and possible mountain views. You may want to for the bus and take a shorter day stop to experience the train for an hour instead of six. Now a days Darjeeling has become be-fatten but still holds it's in colonial and unique charms.


The Good: A unique and historic travel destination. Beautiful view of the Himalayas if not clouded over.  British pubs in India. Take a toy train trip. There are few treks such as to Sandakpur that can be undertaken. down

The Bad: This hill station can very crowded in season or any time. Gets bitterly cold in winter, rooms are in shortage. Generally there is no heating, but some hotel may offer a coal heater. Water shortage, crowded buildings. Earth quake prone. Weather seems to be stuck on cloudy.


Rating :: 85%

Getting to Darjeeling By Flight: (Calcutta-Bagdogra)

By Flight:  (New Delhi -Bagdogra)

By Train: Calcutta- Siliguri (16 hours), Varanasi- Siliguri (20 hours)

By Toy Train: Siliguri - Ghoom 6 hours (Bus 2-3hours.)

Map Of Darjeeling

Darjeeling is very hilly and you must walk considerably to get around. Porter are required because rickshaws are inadequate for many tasks of transportation.

To get to the main guesthouse are you must walk up from the train or bus stand.

Near the TV Tower is a raod way that leads to the market. Along here are most of the cheap guesthouses.

Darjeeling Guesthouse and Hotel Map


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