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Dharamsala, Mcleod Ganj is a special place in India one that is Tibetan and so a completely different feel to the regular India. Travellers often remark that they feel on "vacation from India." Dharamsala is the town bellow and Mcleod Ganj is above the actual Tibetan settlement. McLeod ganj has become crowded and tourist have move to Bhagsu and Dharmakot further out. Alas Bhagsu has become populated with Punjabi Hotels.xxx

upThe Good: A beautiful hill station with trekking near by up to Triund. Can learn and experience real Tibetan culture. There is a good travellers scene here so people stay long term.



The Bad. The whole area has become very crowded, Indian domestic tourist invade regularly as well as mass of beggars from Delhi. Rooms in guesthouse are expensive and often dirt and poor quality.

There have been report of muggings on the hike to Triund.

Travellers Rating: 77%

Getting to Dharamsala by Train: New Delhi -Pathankot (or ChakkiBank.) 10 hours. Bus or taxi Pathankot to McLeod Ganj, 3 hours.

Overnight Bus: Sleeper bus from Main Bus station in New Delhi run by HP government. See box bellow map.

Getting to Dharamsala by flight: (New Delhi - Dharamsala)

Map Of Dharamsala

Mcleod Ganj 2000m

Is the main tourist area and the home to the Dali Lama. Here you will find the conditions somewhat crowded and rundown, Mcloud Gunj. Popular guesthouses such as the Green Hotel are often full and little upkeep seems to be put into these establishments. You will find a good selection of banana pancake restaurants and the traditional tibetan meals.

There is a popular Tibetan vegetarian that serves brown rich and various tofu type dished. You should be warning of the possibility of small pebbles in the brown rice however.

A couple of bars and even available as well as a growing number of Indian eateries, books stores, bakeries.

Many beggars have come from around India to collect from tourist near the bus stand.

You can find a real Tibetan Doctor in town and people come from around the world to be cured.


Bagsu is a village 5km east of Mcleod ganj, it used to be the more chilled out spot but has been taken over by Punjabi holiday's. You should be warry of this on the weekends.

Dharmakot 2100m

Up above Bagsu there is famous Tushita Meditation Center offering intensive Vipassana course. This involves sitting and not talking for about 10 days. Good luck.

Naddi 1800m

This is a Hindu village north of Mcleod Ganj offer a nice escape, decidedly unTibetan the area offer excellent mountain view a few quiet guesthouses and plenty of peace.

Hike to Triund 2826m

Mcleod ganj is 1987m while Dharmakot is 2200m (interestingly there have been case of Malaria in Mcleod but not in Dharmakot.)

The Trek to Triund Camp will take 4 to 8 hours depending on your fitness level.

You can leave early in the morning and return by evening.

You can stay in tents or government shelters. There are only basic room and basic food up there. Just package items, like noodle soup with potatoes.


It can be very cold up there at night despite that all it was sunny the whole day before.

From Triund it would be another 4 to 5 days serious trek to Chamba Valley. Its only possible with tent and guide porter. Or you could come back down.

The trek from Mcleod goes to Bhagsu and up toward Dharmakot. There is small guesthouse at the start of the trek. From there the trek is gradual heading upward by a well laid out path. Eventually the tundra turns to rocks and you have more step path, but it is well laid and should not be a problem.

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