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This section deal with how to find a cheap flight to India form the western USA or Canada. Typical point are Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles. From here you can fly west to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok and then connect to various points in India.
From Eastern USA and Canada Continental offers direct flight to Delhi or Mumbai. From the western USA or Canada you are better of flying to Bangkok via San Francisco or Chicago and catching one of the many flight to India, Calcutta, Madras, Bangalore.

How to pick the best flight for the best price to India?

1. Length of overall journey. How many hours does the flight take? How many stop overs how long is the wait. When there's a stop over there sure to be a delay, they may even lose your luggage. Direct flight are always best.

2. Time of departure. Try to find a flight leave early in the morning, it's heaven.

That way you can have a good night's sleep and leave straight to the airport to your flight when you wake up. Red-eye flights are never great, that's why they're called the red-eye, your going to be more tired with these flights since you have to wait patiently all day and night just to board.

3. If you can afford a business class or first class ticket it will surely be more comfortable, but it will cost at least twice the regular fare.


Fly direct from NEWARK to DELHI direct 15 hrs no stops on board a new 777. It leaves at 8:30 pm and arrives 10 pm the same day New Delhi. This is the fastest and therefore the best. Lucky for us it also is cheapest because they allocate the back seat to us budget travelers.


Continental connects this flight with Toronto and Montreal as well as 100 US cities and Canadian cities. Cost is around 700 $USD one-way.Low season rates end September 19.  Return fare is approximately $1200.


British Airways is a better option. There flights leave early in the morning, much better. This way you can wake up and first thing go and fly all day and after a long day you arrive and rest. Leaving at night is much worse because you lose so much sleep.

Want to save another $50-$200? You can buy someones travel voucher or coupon on ebay and use it just like cash. 100% You enter the promo code and then pin number on and that's it! more savings to enjoy. Search ebay: continental + voucher or coupon.

 Continental also offers discounts through Price Line. Before you book make a bid on Price  Line and you can save maybe $100 or more!

Another option is to fly to London then Istanbul via Easy Jet


Air Arabia to Jaipur, Delhi or Kathmandu or many other Indian cities.

From the other side fly from Bangkok via Air Asia.

Air Asia now flies London - Kulla Lumpur, Kulla Lumpur - Chennai or Tricky. Air India Express also flies KL- Trichy


Air India Express is your cheapest to Bangkok and India! 

Flys Bangkok-Kolkata,

Kulla Lumper - Madras for about $125.00 one way. From KL you can take the bus to southern Thailand. 

Bangkok-Delhi about $300

British Airways flys direct to London then Toronto, Montreal. This is a good flight because it leaves in the morning so you have the whole day to travel. Not like most flights to India leave at night so you are already tired!

Chennai-Brussels-New York City

Before you book with Continental or other US airlines check priceline Use the 'name my price' option and save big!

You can also get great deals on hotels like 3 star Marriot courtyard for $35 per night in Toronto, or for $50 in San Francisco, New York, Miami, some great deals in Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, KullaLumpur. Use the name your own price option, and select the area of you wish to bid.


From Travel Agent in the Ko San Road are of Bangkok. Cheap tickets to various points in India prices are in US dollars and are listed ONEWAY and then RETURN fares.  Usually it best to arrive in Bangkok before booking a ticket to India. Shop around the various agent in Bangkok to see the best deals.  Generally Bangkok to Calcutta is the cheapest and shortest route.

Let us not forget regular India Airlines aka Air India

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i would like to know the cheapest flight to delhi from melb.via bangkok staying in bangkok for a wk. and back to melbourne from delhi,3 months trip.

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