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It was just a few years ago that going anywhere in India would take... well almost forever because it was mostly done by train. The trip was the journey so to speak. Domestic flight for a foreigner was always very expensive. Then KingFisher (Air Deccan) arrived! Hooray now we can travel fast, cheap and comfortable all over India.


Now, instead of taking 2nd class sleeper train for New Delhi to Pathankot one can fly for the same price, less than 2000 Rs. It's amazing! It saves a lot of time and lets the traveler experience more.

As many thing in India, when one guy starts making money many more come and do the same thing. It seems every week a new domestic airline starts up in India. Luckily there are search engine that will save you a lot of time. It compares all the India domestic airlines for price and availability all with one click. Price with taxes is included. I always check for the cheapest using

Things to know about the Domestic Airlines in India

1. Your luggage is not insured by the airline. They have no obligation for loss or damage. If you pack it - you could lose it. Carry on to the plane any valuable stuff.

2. Be careful if you pack something like a camera in the overhead bin. Some twit is like to drop it out on the floor as they are stuffing the over head compartment with a new samosa maker.

3. Your flight maybe cancelled or delayed at any time and without notice. With the hundreds of planes taking off every hour, a short domestic flight can easily be delayed two or three hours. The airlines can cancel a flight if there are not enough passengers, but this rare.

4. They do not guarantee connecting flights. You need to allow at least 4 or more hours between flights plus 2 hour check in time.

4. You can change your flight up one hour before departure for the another flight ot the next day. You will only pay the fare difference if any (it also could be quite high). If you are late, remember to call. After the flight has left you not get any refund or change date.

6. Airline web sites may not take your credit card for one reason or another. Air Deccan, Goair and a few others all have worked with foreign credit cards.

7. You can also buy a ticket at the domestic airports in India, every airline has a ticket counter. Prices go up with demand and supply.

8. You can have an agent purchase the ticket for you (+150Rs) but be warned you will not be able to get a refund or change the departure date because the credit card will not be your name.

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