Gingee Fort

Tamil Nadu

Krishnagiri Fort at Sunset



Good: Amazing unspoiled 15th century Fort with few tourists. Plenty of place to walk around and see. Gingee town is authentic and pleasant.

Bad: Two-tier entrance fee, $20 for foreigners and 5Rs for locals who often abuse the ruins. Poor accommodations choices. Lots of mossies.

Rating: 84%



Gingee or Singee Fort is one of the great archaeological sites in India. Like Hampi, Mandhu or Khajaro you will be swept away into time. Gingee is great and massive fort that spans man kilometers. One can spend hours walking around the fort area and the well preserved edifices, top view the scenery from the top of the fort. Local people are friendly and nice in this area and you will get some tasty south India foods.

Entrance Fee, Gingee Fort is open 7:00-6:00pm daily. $20 foreigners.


 What to do: Tour the massive fort, there are couple of sunset points. You might spend the morning touring, take a lunch then come back and climb to the top for sunset.

Get there: By bus from Thirvanamali famous ashram place. Gingee can also be reach in few hour to Pondicherry or Mahabailpuram. A Taxi would make get here much easier. You can visit Gingee on a day trip or spend a couple of days relaxing and exploring the vast Gingee Ruins.

Accommodations: There are two government bungalows beside Gingee Park, but are in poor condition. The rooms can be had cheap. In Gingee town, 2kms away there are a couple of lodges/Hotels and bar. Another mid range Indian style hotels is in between Gingee Town and the park. Note that the road is very noisy and mosquito are very bad in this area. You should avoid rooms by the road side because of traffic at night.

+ 8
+ 8

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