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Hampi is part of Vijayanagara empire ruins dated 1 AD.

Between 1333 to 1567 Hampi was destroyed by Muslim sultans. Hampi was consider of great military importance being in the middle of Inida on a hill, with river near by they could escape if need be.

The Area is quite large and of great historical significance. One can spend a few days getting lost in the boulders and abandon temples.

Hampi Ruins Interactive Map

Vithalla Temple and Carriot

 Important sites at Hampi

  • Achyutaraya Temple/Tiruvengalanatha Temple
  • Akka Tangi Gudda
  • Anegondi
  • Anjeyanadri Hill
  • Aqueducts and Canals
  • Archaeological Museum at Kamalapura
  • Badava Linga
  • Chandramauleshwar Temple
  • The Kings’ balance
  • The Underground Temple
  • Tungabhadra River
  • Uddana Veerabhadra temple
  • Ugra Narasimha
  • Virupaksha Temple
  • Vittala temple
  • Yeduru Basavanna
  • Yentrodharaka Anjaneya temple
  • Zenana enclosure
  • Virupapura
  • Madhavan Palace with more than 1,000,000 pillars
  • Sasivekalu Ganesha
  • Elephant's Stable
  • Lotus Temple


Getting to Hampi

  • Train via Goa, Mumbai or South India. Arrive in Hospet.
  • Bus, there are express tourist buses via Goa or Mumbai, Banglore.


  • You can stay in Hospet with better quality accomodations and facilities and day trip to Hampi.
  • Better to stay in Hampi it self and enjoy in the evening when all the tourists have left.
  • Accomodation in Hampi mostly basic, you can stay across the river for more peaceful setting.
  • Lots of mosquito around here.

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