How to get to Leh and the Nubra Valley

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At 3524m Leh really is at the end of the world.  You'll know if because it is dry and barren not to mention the lack of oxygen may be a real problem for some. If you fly to Leh you are likely to get altitude sickness. The idea is lie still for three days and hopefully you will recover. It is a roll of the dice if you recover in two days or in two weeks or at all. So it is not recommended to fly unless you are a local. It is safer by road, still remember you must spend at least one week acclimatizing from 2000m onward or run the risk of catching AMS and ruining your trip.

upThe Good: High above India, your in different world! Tibetan culture, Ancient Monasteries, mountain moon capes, steam momo's, yak butter.


downThe Bad: Touristy place, Indians and foreigners flock here in the season to escape the heat. Dry and Dusty.

The Ugly: Altitude sickness is very likely if you rush up there. Many people have had their trips ruined by altitude problems in Ladak.  If you aren't acclimatizing well then you'll have to go down to Kargil and acclimatize there.


Use the map below and go into Earth to see this live.

The Ways to get to Leh:

1. Via Srinagar, Kargil, then Leh.  This is a good way but the area may have military tensions. Better to relax in beautiful Pahalgam for a few days. You can fly (NewDelhi-Jammu) (or NewDelhi-Srinagar) or just take the train to Jammu. From there a taxi or shared jeep to Pahalgam.

2. Via Manali, Rothang, Keylong , Sardu, Leh and two day jeep ride, this goes over four 5000m passes, so even worse! Expect to see lots of up chucking on this trip. Road is open approximately May 15- September 30.

3. Via Kaza 3600m first Shimla, - Recong Peo, Tabo, Kaza, Losar, Rothang, Keylong, Sardu, Leh. This is a good way because you acclimatize slowly. Takes longer.

4. Delhi-Leh Flight by Air India. This is a tempting option since it saves three or more days of travel. It is very lively that you experience some uncomfortable symptoms of altitude sickness when you arrive for a few days to a few weeks in some case. For this reason it is better not to fly to Leh but rather fly back. The potential for altitude problem ruining your trip is great, I think most people would rather not experience illness during their travelers if avoidable, and altitude sickness is an avoidable problem.

When to go to Ladak?

Season Is May to September after that it will be very cold and perhaps road are snowed over. There is not regualar heating in the houses up there.

Road Map to Leh in Ladak and Numbra Valley

(Tip: Select EARTH, and use the controls for a 3D virtual tour of the trek.)

Trekking in Ladak



Leh town map

Leh Palace


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From Phalagam you have to go back to Srinagar the road does not go straight to Kargil.

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