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Current Visa information for Nepal


Multiple entry tourist visas can be obtained at border points of entry by paying (still same 2012)

  • US$25 for 15 days,
  • US$40 for 30 days 
  • US$100 for 90 days.

On arrival two passport sized photos are needs, a photo booth is in airport if necessary but it would be better to bring your own, also a pen so you can fill out the simple visa form. A US dollar cash money changer is there in the airport. See visa extensions below.

* note if your are Chinese in 2011 your visa is free!


Nepal border crossing map

To Kathmandu there are regular flights from Delhi, Calcutta, Varanasi and Bangkok. It is much faster and more comfortable to travel by airplane to or from India and Nepal compared to the bus, it takes only 1.5 hours, not 28 hours. Some international flights operate flight direct to Kathmandu but you the service is sometimes change due to ongoing security situation.

If your not in a hurry over land can be a pleasant way to get to Nepal. One advantage is that you can skip Kathmandu and head straight to Pokhara. The Terri area around the border is interesting.  A side trip could be to Lumbini, a peaceful and green place with temples built in the Buddhist design styles from around the world. If your looking for an interesting place for yoga and vishapasha etc. Lumbini would be an excellent choice. Walk around Lumbini can take hours and is reminiscent of Ankor wat. It will take 8-10 hours from Kathmandu or Pokhara to the border from there another 5 hours to Gorakpur, 12 hours to Varanasi, or 16 to Delhi.

Bhanda Warning!  Bhanda's are strikes that are common in the Terri region and other parts of Nepal. It usually means that the road is block for the whole day and then some traffic is let through in the afternoon, or it could mean no traffic what so ever.  Difficult to say exactly how to check when this will happen, may have some information.  Part of the power of a Bhanda is that it is called at short notice...note Bhanda have now stop for the time being.2011

Border scam warnings:

1) Be careful changing money at the border, you need US$ for the visa, count your change carefully this is common place for tricking tourists.

2) Bus scam. People will sell you a ticket to Pokhara or Kathmandu on a deluxe bus and it is just a local bus. They even give you a seat number too! What he does is waits with you in the morning and tell you that the bus is soon coming. Since it is written in Nepali people think it is the deluxe bus. When the bus stops he helps you find your seat and tells the driver in Nepali that you are going to Pokhara and pays him your bus fare.  There isn't any deluxe bus service from the border only local buses. Remember that tourism is no so developed in Nepal.

Nepal entry points

  • Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport
  • Sunauli - Bhairawa border
    • Nepalgunj
      • Birganj
        • Mahendranagar, Mahakali
          • Kakarvitta
            • Raxau
              • Banbasa
                • Kodari



Airlines that fly to Nepal

For your convenience this section lists ALL the airlines with links so you can check for yourself the current prices. If you have any news of new flights let me know with a comment on the bottom. Keep in mind some airlines only fly to Nepal in season and may only offer reservation one to two months in advance.

Sector Carrier Fare$

New - Delhi






one way




Kathmandu - Varanasi indianairlines $125.00
Kathmandu - Bangkok





Kathmandu - Hongkong



Kathmandu - Korea
Korean Airways
Kathmandu - China
Kathmandu -middle east- London
Kathmandu - Pokhara


Calcutta to Kathmandu is the cheapest route Indian airlines flies this way $100-150.

Delhi to Kathmandu,  Usually flights can be had a day or two in advance from Delhi or Calcutta so don't worry about booking in advance.

Remember you need a visa for India. Transit Visa are also issued and you can stay in the airport without a visa. Below are the popular airline and convenient links to their site you can check the current fares yourself. 



Sunauli (Sonauli) to India border map


Lumbini Map and mini guide (there is more info on the map must zoom out)

Many Buddhist temples are in Lumbini, it is a relaxing place to spend a day or two.

Nepal Visa Extension for Tourists

Visa extensions are for a minimum of 15 days @ $2 per day. It goes in blocks of 15 days up to 90 days. For 5 months max per year.

Clear trip will do some odd ticket booking for such as with Nepal Airlines that has no online booking or wait till you get to India.

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0 # Gregg 2014-06-17 17:42
Hello Jack,
A quick question about traveling to Nepal, if I may. My brother and I are going for a month in Oct, from the W coast of the U.S., and wonder if you have any recommendations for the best carrier, best time of the day/night to travel, and best layover city? It would be a great help to us.

Thanks in advance, Gregg
0 # Jacks Back 2014-06-17 18:04
Hi there, October is a great month you will have a nice time.
Good idea would be to fly to Bangkok. You can easily catch a flight to Kathmandu from there with in a day or two. Air India flys that way, Nepali airlines.
0 # Michael 2015-04-09 06:06
Hey Jack,
As I'm a backpacker, currently traveling in Southeast Asia, my backpack is mainly stuffed, with non trekking gear. So I'd like to know, if there are save places (lockers or whatever), where i can store my belongings while I'm trekking.
Thank you in advance
0 # Jacks Back 2015-04-09 11:26
Hi Michael. You can leave your stuff at the guesthouse they will provide this service for you. It is safe.

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