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The Good: Good walking city, remarkable architecture, Bengali culture, many tasty and posh restaurants, Mother Teresa's, backpacker hangouts along Sudder St, Mmarkets. Deep historic value. Calcutta is a city with deep soul.


downThe Bad: Pollution is mahaproblem, as can be the poverty and touts. Calcutta is expensive for accommodations you may have difficulty find a room.

Overall Rating: 86%

A trip to Calcutta is a fascinating journey back into the industrial age, back 150 years to heart of the great British Far East trading company. Walking around be equally traumatic as you come face to face to the living desperate and those in chronic penury.


  Calcutta offers some of the great travel experience in the world - to go back in time and live to tell the tale. If you have strong lungs and heart it would be helpful for your time in Calcutta, as you soon will be a dream life haze from lack of oxygen a toxic exposure.
Calcutta is a great walking city and much too see and do, the architecture will astound you as will then endless market and piles of people. Insanity waiting to crack, a mad house that will haunt you with fascinations.

Map of Sudder Street


Tip: Use the search bar and type in 'guest house' 'hotels' 'restaurant' and you will get complete listings with phone numbers, address etc.

Things to see and do in Calcutta

  1. Wander around Crawford market area and experience the thrill of medieval shop life.
  2. Go to the Victoria Memorial and see the art exhibit.
  3. Walk down the Hoogley and end up at the Flower Market (see gallery.)
  4. Hangout with local backpackers and long term volunteers living in Sudder st. (may require some Korean)
  5. Visit Mother Teresa Ashram
  6. Take ferry up the river the Belur Math and Ramakrishna museum.
  7. Watch a cricket match at the cricket stadium or out in the field.
  8. Visit Race track, try and catch the live race.

  9. Visit the planetarium.
  10. Eat at one of the many fancy restaurants around Park street or downtown.
  11. Visit to the post office or other 150 year old government edifices.
  12. See a movie in the evening in one of the many theatres.
  13. See live classical music or drama, check newspaper listing.
  14. Eat Bengali food, such as curry prawns
  15. Walk through the Muslim quarter.

Victoria Memorial

Getting to Calcutta: Calcutta has many flight to Bangkok and Delhi as well as various point in India and also to Kathmandu.By train it is 12 hours to Darjeeling and more than that to Varanasi.

Accommodations: Single rooms with attached bath start around 800Rs, cheaper option are Maria Guesthouse and Paragon that offer dorm beds (150Rs) and rooms for 400Rs. Next stop would be the old YMCA nice room around 1000Rs well worth it. Other options get expensive quickly.


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+1 # Olga 2010-06-29 09:33
thanks for informations. It will be usefull.
0 # victor 2010-09-11 14:15
Maybe wake up at 4am on a summer morning (if you are in Kolkata) and just walk in the streets of kolkata and see the sun rising while sitting by hooghly river...
0 # Shaen 2011-11-14 01:50
Has anyone been to Peter Cat or others on Park street to recommend?
+1 # Rodrigo 2012-03-06 19:06
amazing, information.
do you hae a book printed about india?
let me now.
best regars
+2 # Ranjan 2012-04-08 06:33

I live in Calcutta (now called Kolkata) and its nice to see all that information on my city. The list of to dos seems pretty comprehensive, however a couple of more here:
1. The China Town: This is a Chinese settlement in and around a place called Tangra, off the EM By Pass (btw, that's is a good road to remember as it circumscribes the city and often a quicker option to reach places instead of the main city roads which tend to get choked)2. The north Calcutta was the Native quarters during the Raj. See Tagore House at Jorasanko, house of the noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore, the Marble Palace, eat Sandesh (a local bengali specialty sweet)and mishti doi (sweet card, another favorite). 3. A visit to Belur Math, an ashram founded by Swami Vivekananda, an iconic youth and religious leader.
0 # Ranjan 2012-04-08 06:35
Avail the Metro (subway) whenever possible to avoid the heat and dust and the clogged roads. And don't be afraid to talk to the local Bengalis, who are one of the most friendly people in India. Choose the middle aged ones, if possible, they give you the best information.

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