Manali Kullu Valley

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upManali in the Kullu Valley is well known Himalayan Hill station. Mountains are tall and steep and offer various trekking opportunities via small villages. This is like tea house trekking. There many villages in this area that cater to tourist. Vishite is near by and has hot springs. Before Manali is Nagar Village and the famous Nagar Castle. The Parvati Valley is to the east with Manikaran, Kasol and Pulga where small guesthouses can be found.

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The Bad:The Kullu and Parvati valleys have been developed and houses seem to carpet the mountains sides. New mining and hydro electric project have created ugly ecologic scene up the Parvati Valley which was not long ago pristine trekking grounds.

Manali it self and the are get very crowded in the summer months with tourists. There is also drug mafia in the area and strange disappearances seem to be common.

Getting to Manali Kullu - by Bus or Plane

There are Himachal Pradesh Government Buses that run during the night from Delhi, Shimla, Dharamsala and Chandigarh to Kullu and Manali. Bus take around 16 hours.

Train to Chandigarh or there is another train that goes a little further the Himachal Express. From Chandigarh you go by bus or taxi to Mandi then Kullu or Bhuntar for Manikaran, Parvati Valley way.

Flying to Bhuntar save a lot of time and uncomfortable on the bus.

Map of Old Manali


The last stop in Manali is Old Manali a tourist town

that has numerous Indian style hotels and restaurants.

There so good fruit and local produce available here.

Old Manali Town Map with Vishish


Map Of Kullu Valley

and Manali, Vishish Hot springs

This area is shrouded in high mountains,

it maybe clouded or the sun is obsured by large looming mountain peaks. Other times there are brillant mountain views from the right angle.

Map of Kullu and Manali


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+1 # Rinav 2011-07-15 05:02
Kullu manali is blessed with fascinating natural beauty and really a paradise on earth..Kullu Manali is also known as the Valley of Gods where you can find number of best Temples.Vashish tha hot water spring is famous for its medicinal effect..Kullu manali is visited tourist destinations among the hill stations...

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