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Welcome to your online guide to Mumbai, Bombay India. Mumbai has a massive population cropped up against the sea and offers a tourist a interesting view into India's thriving economic pwoer house.  It may the most diverse of Indian cities because people come from north and south India to join in the sangam of wealth and also in a sea of poor.

upThe Good: Aromantic big city with plenty to do and see all all at a very reasonable price. Mumbai is a tasty foodie city with perhaps the best and most diverse eats in India. It is also a good walking city with large boulevards and sea views to keep you occupied.

downThe Bad:  Touts can be very irritating around Colaba. Pollution. Accommodations are more expensive.

The Ugly:  Security is minimal. The resent terrorist bomb of the Taj makes this area feel unsafe.


The art deco building of Colaba and Mumbai will make you feel like in a bollywood cartoon feature. Sea views entice you around every corner, wander around in the evening or the morning and enjoy the prosperous and penury that basks in its' glow. The magnitude of personages soon hits home: this is a crowded place, there are massive pollution clouds over the city if it hasn't rained.  After the resent bombing, old Bombay just doesn't feel the same. Plenty of bars and restaurants, museums art galleries.


Accommodations in Colaba

Cheapest: Salvation Army with dorms also the India Guesthouse has dorms. This may suit foreigners because it all foreigners there.

Around 1000-1200Rs, Gulf Hotel is big place it may suit your needs for a day or two. Prossiers is also a good choice.

Things to do in Mumbai

1. Wander around Colaba area shopping or eating!

2. Visa Elephanta Island world heritage site.

3. Do the walking tour of Churchgate and the Fort area.

4. Join a Bollywood film crew for a day as a movie set extra.

5. Visit the Haj Ali mosque on the other end of Mumbai.

Getting to and going from Mumbai

Mumbai is connect to various places by flight.

By train the usually routes are to Goa, Aurangabad (Ajanta caves), Pune, or into Gujarat. Varanasi is about 20+ hours away as is Delhi.


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