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Most travelers to India come to Delhi and Paharganj at some time, love or hate it either way it's an acquired taste. As a newbie traveller it will burn your eyes, blast your ears and sizzle your tongue with fire and spice. It will wake you up at night, confuse you, fill your lungs with black soot and smile back smugly. Firstly it will release you of some cash, sell you something unusually, feed you something interesting, intriguing perhaps with a shiny moan. 

Connaught Place, Old Delhi, Red Fort, Qutab Complex, Lodi Gardens, Modern Art Gallery, Humayan Tomb, Jamali Kamali Tomb, Begum Samrus house, Chor Bizarre 

Lying half asleep on your cot, sweating, someone will be knocking on the door with some tea, are you going to checkout? You'll be ready to leave but alas you know you'll be back one day.

Paharganj Map



The Good: Old world culture and charm. Variety of hotels, cuisine, restaurants, pubs, shopping. Delhi is connected by air or rail to all over India. With the metro getting around is a breeze, there is tons of things to do in Delhi. 


Over all Rating: 73%


The Bad: Pollution and chaos, will make this city difficult after just a few days. Pahar-ganj is a seedy area that offer little by way of security. Most of the rooms are very noisy and you can expect a lot of commotion at night with people arriving or departing to night trains. The cost of accommodations is not so cheap.



The Ugly: There's been a few terrorist bombs over the years in the Paharganj area.

The Paharganj area is filled with thousand of travellers with about 90% domestic and only 10%-20% foreign tourists depending on the season, all competing for hotels or paying guest houses. It is located within striking distance of the New Delhi railway station which is why it is busy night and day. A second area is along Arakshan Rd, has the most and newest selection of guest houses, so i usually start there.

There a number of 'tourist only' guest houses, mostly oldies around Vivek in Paharganj. Usually you'll pay more for the privilege of drinking beer on the roof (you can always come and visit.)

A map of the Delhi Metro is provided above, zoom out of the map and you can see the route from the airport. This is the best way to get around, from the Airport, Connaught Circus, Majnu ka Tilla. No smog, no prepaid taxi's, now it's the Metro all the way. Sure the metro will take 45 minutes to Paharganj and taxi maybe 30 minutes but it's worth it. Even not to be taken to some fake tourist office or dropped off at the wrong guest house. Metro Ashram Marg is the perfect stop for many.

Zoom out and explore the map you'll find the best sights, attractions and eateries are highlighted for you.

Getting to Pahargnaj 24 hours Full Power and No Shower

  • The Metro link to the city and Indira Ghandi Airport is now operational! Metro Stops at Ashram Marg. No doubt the best choice if you can get it.
  • PrePaid Taxi: There is a PrePaid taxi booth at the airport. You will get a receipt and give a copy to the driver, also the police man will take note of your plate number. This cost WAS 220Rs to New Delhi station. Since then they have jacked up the price to 450Rs.
  • Airport Bus. There is an Air conditioned Deluxe service from the airport to New Delhi station and stops at Connaught place. Cost is 80Rs and good option but the bus may get crowded. It's India right!
  • Taxi outside: Normally taxi's must wait in a que so many will just drop someone off. You can catch these guy for about Rs150. Make sure you are well out of the terminal or you may get stoned by the taxi mafia!


Connaught  Circus

is a short distance from Paharganj

and offers upscale dining and shopping



Map of Connaught Circus New Delhi



TIP: Adventure with the Delhi Metro. The new opened Delhi Metro is a boon for travelers. No more smelly, uncomfortable rickshaw rides. Want to go off the beaten track? Hop on the metro and take it to another part of the city that tourists rarely visit. It's cheap, fast, comfortable and when hop out of the station you'll be in a different world.

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