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October 2014 "Visa on Arrival' will be available to western tourist. It will be a system that allows tourists to apply three days in advance over the internet, then when they arrive at the airport they the visa will be waiting for them. This visa may be only for 30 days only.

If you are planning a longer trip you will still need a regular visa.

 INDIAN VISA news for travelers to India as of March 2010, the 2 month rules has been implemented. This means if after 90 days you leave India for another country you maybe barred from re-entry for two months. The immigration officer does this by stamping your passport some what arbitrarily...

visa stamp

Strange as it sounds a 6 months visa is really only 4 months now.. but wait!!!

Remember you must apply in advance for your Indian visa and from your home country effectively cutting off another 3-6 weeks from your travel time. Ouch, guess you can forget about coming back after 2 months, there will be no time left.

That means a 6 month India visa is really only 3 months now! Unless you chose not leave India for the length of the visa.

Thought you might like to drop down in New Delhi for a week, a quick trip Agra of course, then catch a flight to Kathmandu a two trek before catching the new Kingfisher flight direct to Mumbai. Arriving in Mumbai with thoughts of catching the train to Goa you notice something is wrong with immigration officer face. It is not happy. You now have to wait two months between visits with a tourist visa!



Second.  If you leave India you may not be allowed back in unless you wait 2 months. They stamp your passport. If they don't stamp your passport you are fine. If they do you can apply in the other country for waiver.

Third. You'll probably will not get a 1 year or 10 year visa issued anymore. If you do apply be prepared to waste time with a rejection notice.

 Forth. You should apply for your visa from your home country not when traveling abroad. Tourists may now be refused Indian Visas when applying abroad.

What to do?  You can always apply to an Indian consulate when you leave for an exemption but you have to try you luck that you are not a terrorist or an illegal crepe' seller in Goa.

If they stamp your passport with the 2 month rule you can got to the embassy in the new country, with in 10- days, and apply for an exemption.

So your better do all you India traveling at once then do all your Nepal, Thailand and Sri Lanka at once as to spend at least two months outside of India.

"Posted: Thursday , Dec 24, 2009 at 0442 hrs New Delhi:



The government has softened its new found toughness on visa rules. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), which controls India’s visa policy, has communicated to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) that foreign visitors may be allowed to return within two months of leaving the country — as long as they make a “full disclosure” of their travel plans to the immigration officer while on their way out."

Can not agree, they still stamped me, guess i few too many India visa stamps.

  • As per the extant instructions of the Government of India, a
    Tourist Visa can only be granted to a foreigner who does not have a
    residence or occupation in India and whose sole objective of visiting
    India is recreation, sight seeing, casual visit to meet friends and
    relatives etc. No other activity is permissible on a Tourist Visa. The
    Tourist Visa is non-extendable and non-convertible.
    2. It has come to the notice of the Government that there has been
    abuse/misuse of the Tourist Visa. With a view to curb the
    abuse/misuse of the Tourist Visa, instructions have been issued by the
    Government imposing the following restrictions:-
    (a) In respect of foreign nationals holding Tourist Visas with
    multiple entry facility, there should be a gap of at least 2 months
    between two visits to the country on such a Tourist Visa.
    (b) If any foreign national is required to visit the country again
    within a period of 2 months of his last departure, such foreign
    national should obtain special permission from the Mission/Post
    concerned. The Mission/Post may consider such requests on
    merits of each case.
    (c) In all such cases, the foreign national should register himself
    with the FRRO/FRO concerned within 14 days of arrival. An
    endorsement to this effect will be made on the visa sticker.
    (d) If a foreign national applies for Tourist Visa frequently i.e within
    one month of expiry of the previous Tourist Visa, the Indian
    Missions/Posts abroad would refer such cases to MHA
    (Foreigners Division) for clearance before grant of fresh Tourist


It would seem the good old days of travel as wanted visitor are coming to a close. With 100-200 million domestic tourists why bother making an exception for some foreigner travelers?  It used to be only 1 million backpackers now it has grown to 5 million. The Indian government can hardly keep track of them, so these are the security measures they must implemented. The Indian government just doesn't seem to have the resources to do background check on foreigner from every outpost on the planet. They is plenty of room for corruption so they have to tighten things up.

Indians have to have make a lot of conversion and upgrades to satisfy foreigners and it is just to costly. For example Hotel accommodation are hard to find for foreign tourist because they are booked by local India groups. Foreigners to have difficulty in finding proper food that does give them stomach problems. Then there is transportation issues. So in order to cater to foreigner they have to spend a lot of money in infrastructure that the Indian government doesn't have or want to spend.

So better cut down the flow a bit because they ones that stay for months or years don't spend anything (and some hippies live really cheap.) 

It is better to have some tourists come and spend $150 per day for 8 days then some throw back freak living off $8 @ 150 days a year.

The threat of foreigner working in India is probably over perceived by Indians. But they do have a point.


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