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In 2001 Palolem Beach was like a dream or the movie 'The Beach.' The popular guide book had a bold statement that addiction: Palolem was THE beach in Goa. Still it took quiet a few years for it to develop. It was a fishing village back then with maybe 20 camps, mostly hammocks and the huts were on the ground. The hammocks were 25Rs (you could use the showers and secure lock up.) The huts just 50-100Rs with a sand floor. By 2004 they had started building the huts on stilts, thrashed together. Still those days were serene, no sun beds on the beach. Mild groups and friendly evening fires. A whole host of regular throw backs would spend months there every year. Still a bunch returns at Dylans Bar. Come to Palolem in the off season, during the monsoon when the shacks(huts) are taken down. You will see something magical.


The Good: Cheap beer! Sun, Sand, seaside, mega-sunsets over the Arabian sea, India food, cheap fish and coconuts

downThe Bad: Crowded, polluted, overpriced, lacking in nature, commercialized.

Palolem is old fishing village that turns into a tourist Disney land from November to March. It is one of many beach in Goa, it is probably one of the prettiest but it is compact and you had better love crowds if you chose to come here from December 22 to January 14th.

The Ugly: read GOA: the ugly truth

Overall Rating :: 62%

How to get to Palolem: By Flight (Mumbai - Goa)

By Train: Mumbai - Margao Station Canacona Railway station is only 2km from the beach but not all train stop here, most stop in Margao another 35km away.


Accommodations: Beach Huts are the norm here that are hundreds to chose from. The one right on the beach will be more expensive. A good place to stay is Neptune's Point on the very southern end of Palolem Beach.

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+1 # Brushy 2009-08-19 23:16
Yes its all true ,what is written here and also in "Goa the Ugly Truth" .I'm resident in Goa so I see it and agree but those that come for their two week holidays usually wear Rosy Tinted Specs and seem to think that everything is "As cheap as Chips" and treat it like they do/did on their Spanish Holidays.
0 # mambeach 2011-11-19 06:58
Palolem is filled to the brim with huts and restaurant, probably on good for a few days. Better late late in the season April maybe.

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