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2015 update: Pokhara has become very quiet due to eathquake fears.. Normally thousands of Chinese tourist are in the town and trekking routes.

Fuel shortage means less pollution and local rowdy domestic tourists.

Things to do in Pokhara:

1.  Relax in Boomerangs garden and drink hot milk tea and eat chocolate cake.

2. Take walk over to Damn Side area, meander through the park and gawk at the high snowy mountain peaks bloating out the sky.

3. Take a paddle in a row boat, okay you can canoe boat. Views are even better from the lake.

4. Hike to Sarangkot through jungle and village life.

5. Take a taxi to Sarangkot in the morning and spend the day hike in the area.

6. Eat 'Dal Bhat' at open of the many lake side restaurants or try some Italian pizza.

7. Hike to the Buddhist Stupa and enjoy the view.

8. Take a bus or taxi and hike to Lampus and Potlana at the start of the Trekking trail, spend the day there and come back.

9. Visit the Mountain Museum.

10. Go to town, Mahendrapul and enjoy Nepali urban life.

11.  Walk to the other side of the lake and visit small villages.

12. Hang will locals and buy some stuff!


Pokhara is perhaps the most beautiful place in the world! up


down The Good: Beautiful views of the Annapurna range, the Fewa Tal lake, treks around Sarangkot, The Buddhist stupa, close to the trekking routes, rafting and para gliding trips, full moon parties across the lake, some night life, live music, variety of accommodation and restaurants.

The Bad: A very touristy atmosphere, many touts, package tourist from Europe, crowded in season, maybe cloudy or haze from dust after March.  Burning of plastic and garbage is terrible. Political problems abound.




I good source for guesthouse and restaurant listings is pokharalakeside.com. Make sure you check out Boomerangs, Caffe Concerto, German Bakery, Hotel Diplomat is good place to stay too.

 icon Download Pokhara e-guide ( )

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0 # david 2011-08-08 15:41
Cheer good info, thanks for the link!

+1 # Barrie Boi 2015-01-27 11:23
I was in Pokhara last year, it change a lot. So many more building, burning garbage etc. I hope Nepal cleans up their act.
0 # Sally 2015-02-18 19:56
Pokhara is a very peaceful place to visit in Nepal. The sunrises& mountains are beautiful & the hand gliders are great to watch.
The best place to eat is the Metro providing great & safe food w/ crepes' the main dish w/ coffee, slushes, & ice cream while receiving the internet. Enjoy :) while there my family enjoyed a great coffee shop, Yak steak & inexpensive pizza delivery. I encourage you to buy a little jewelry from the locals.

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