Welcome to Pushkar! One of the best place to visit as tourist in all of India.

Hector and the amazing glass balls!


The Good: An authentic Hindu holy town (400 temples) mixed with foreigners. No cars are allowed the roads around the lake, the lake and ghats have not changed in hundreds of years. Camel festival. An all vegetarian town. Close to Delhi to catch a flight. Muslim dominated, Ajmer, is just over the hill and an interesting contrast.

A foreigner can relax in Pushkar and live cheap if they wish, this place is a real hippie dream land.

Pushkar has become a favourite place for Indian weddings,   you can easily get invited to full on wedding affair with free food and drink.
The Camel Festival in the end of October every year is huge event featuring thousands of camels!



The Bad: Tourist crap sold everywhere.  Often there is Indian music blasting all night long from some speakers.  Becomes very dry and dusty late in the season. Accommodations can be very noisey.

downOver all rating::: 82%






Getting to Pushkar: Usually way is by train or bus to Ajmer then bus or taxi to Pushkar. Taxi is about 300Rs. Shatabdbi A/C chair car is daily Ajmer to Delhi about 8 hours. Bus will take the same or longer but passed by Indra Gandhi International Airport.

You can easily get to other places in Rajasthan just as Jodhpur or Udaipur by government bus from Ajmer.

Accommodations: See map for suggestion in Pushkar, Camel Festival prices will go up considerably.


Pushkar Camel Festival

  • Feature thousands of camels
  • Desert Festival and music
  • Held for two week end of October.
  • Accommodations will be very high priced such as 35 euro to sleep on a yogis rope bed. Booking in advance is recommended.


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