Rameswaram Beach Temple

Tamil Nadu

Located on a long finger of India point to Sri Lanka, Rameswaram 'The Lord of Rama' is part tropical paradise and part Hindu and fantasy land.

An important pilgrimage site the main attraction is the massive temple. Travelers often miss this place because of the difficult in getting there, once you are the only way to go is back the way you came.

Good: Authentic, tropical seaside, real India experience.  You will feel like you are in Sri Lanka a bit. Long windswept beaches are not far away you can lose yourself forever here.

Bad: Accommodation limited or  booked up with pilgrimages. Eating option maybe limited. Expect lots of Idly and fried fish.

upOff the beaten track beach in India. This is the real deal! There is large temple here that is one the great Dams of India. A very holy spot to visit and you can look out over the sea and play with the elephants during the day. There are tropical beaches to explore (see map.)



84% great traveler rating!

Getting there: By train from Madurai is the best option. Bus will take way longer. Makes a good connection with Kodaikanal or Kanyakumari. The bridge to Rameswaram is 2km long!

Accommodations: Government guesthouse is facing the seaside with a variety of rooms that go up in price from about 1000Rs. This is the best place to stay, put is often booked up, better call in advance. There is a sea food resturant with bar attached.

To do: Visit the 11th century Shiva Jyotirlinga temple, it is massive and as elephants, music, pillar and caves etc.

Day trip: Visit Dhanushkodi a small fishing village, prone to cyclones, you can catch the bus easily.

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