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Agra has a magical feel despite being one of the most popular tourist destination for foreign tourists. A breath taking and stunning edifice, the Taj Mahal in Agra will disappointing no one. Three hours by train from Delhi. A historic and special place, a world heritage site.up




After you see the Taj and the fort not much to do. Accommodations are poor quality, expensive or crowded with groups. Agra is very polluted with cars. Entrance fee is a bit expensive. You will probably want to get in and get out quickly.


Rating: 79%

The Taj Mahal and Agra are well worth a visit despite the tourist hype, doesn't mean you have to base your whole trip around it, there are plenty of building to see in India that falls in the 'wow and stunning' category.

Welcome to Agra and the Taj Mahal



 probably the number one tourist attraction in India. Is it worth it? Well yes of course it is! It's the dolls house of mogul architecture but i would not say it the best in India. Good,very good, excellent: make your way to Fatehpur Sikri just down the road a bit and you will be equally impressed and in a more tranquil environment.

Map of Agra with Guesthouse and Restaurants

Agra Tourist Ghetto


3D Map of the Taj Mahal


3D TajMahal





Accommodations: The old backpacker ghetto is really and old backpackers ghetto - ha ha. Raj Guesthouse seem the best of the lot. around 400Rs. These local guesthouses will be crowded, maybe noise and small but filled with foreigners.

The next variety are the guesthotels on Shyamalal Road, they will be over 1000Rs you can bargain. More luxury hotel are by the main noisy road are more expensive, bit more plus but less atmosphere and crowded with noisy Indians.

Would be better to stay at the Rajasthan Tourist Development Hotel complex (600Rs. but watch out for wedding groups taking over the place) in Fatehpur Sikri and day trip to the Taj Mahal, Agra.

Getting To Agra: Trains run to and from Delhi many times per day as well as various other cities in Rajasthan. Bus run well too and is a good option that leaves at any time.

Cost for foreigners is 750Rs ($18), on entry, open sunrise to sunset. Indian pay 25Rs are issued a blunt object to carve their initial into the walls.

Agra Fort Another terrific Mughal Fort. The one in Fatehpur is nicer.

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