Tour Groups

Top 10 Scams of India

Tour Groups (Tour Gropes)

An unfortuate trend in foreign tourism is the tendance for people to think that they need to join a tour group to travel in India..

The number of flight to India has increased ten fold in resent years. Lots of cheap flight so lots of cheap tours. They offer many types of tours, for students, seniors, etc. What ever people want to spend money on a tour will be created.

In my opinion these tours are not good value or even a good way of seeing India. It is particularly sad to see younger travelers get sucked into trekking or tour groups, robbing them of the experience of solo traveling. The problem is that they want to please the customer; they give him/her what they ‘think’ they want. 

The newbie tourist wants to do ‘everything’ in a short period of time. So the tour operator schedules a fast pace itinerary to cover many destinations every day. What inevitably happens is you are rushed through many places and end up not seeing much except the back of a bus and some guys head.

You sign up for the tour because of the ‘perceived value.’




The ‘Golden Triangle’


It has become a myth that these are the ‘must sees’ of India. Not true. In fact there are many equally impressive edifices, forts a ruins to be seen all over India.

In stead of Rajasthan try Madhya Pradesh, instead of the Taj try Mandu, instead of Varanasi try Omkershwar, instead of Jodhpur try Singee Fort, and instead of Kerala try Tamil Nadu. Follow this advice – do not fall for the hype. You'll have a much more authentic time in India. And may actually come back


House Boat scams Kashmir

These scams are over 20 years old but people still keep falling for it... Dal lake is now full of pollution, the fabled Shangri-La is now a dump. Well not all of it anyways. Just don’t book a house boat in advance with a ‘direct bus’ to Shrinagar. 

direct bus is actually the local bus, and will take a long, long time. Beware of Kashmirs in general, some are can very bad and very skilled at manipulating foreigners, probably from decades of war in there home land. Never pay in advance.  Also be aware of current travel warning for the region.

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