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This section deals with Travel warnings to Nepal.


Sept 2015

American women murdered in Pokhara by local teacher after staying with him through meet on couch surfing. Man was said to previously work as a guide.  Man died shortly after from falling off of roof.

Ultra light plane crashes in Annapurans, wreck was not recovered.

Oct 2015

Fuel shortage, cooking gas and petrol. Buses are being over loaded and passangers force to ride on the roof. Resturants are using wood fire to cook, food may have burnt taste.

Hospitals are said to be short of medicine and important items.

Said to be worse problem in Nepal decades other than earthquake.

June 2015

Earthquake! There has been over 100 small earthquakes in 2015. Scientists believe another big earthquake is coming. Many building in Kathmandu are unstable (November 2015) and kept up by metal poles and scafolding. Smell of dust lingers as many sites have not been cleared. Water problems in the city. Many people still displaced.

 July 2012
Nepal has become increasely more dangerous for western travelers. In recent months at least three trekkers have been murdered, 'beheaded.'  These occurred near Kathmandu in the Langtang National Park and Everst Base Camp area.
 Despite being heavily populated area there are been no progress in solving these murders. SNAFU.

Is it is not safe to trek or hike in popular area is there for not safe to travel in Nepal alone.

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+2 # Omshree N KC 2011-12-07 14:45
Before you give into this report ask yourself how legit this site itself is. I am a Nepalese myself so obviously I might be a little biased, but if I had nothing good to say I would say nothing. The report says that India is safer than Nepal? I don't believe that's true. Nepalese people are very honest people. They love foreigners. For them its comparable to a Americans seeing an elephant walk down the road. Yes the country is very poor and people have indulged in corruption, but the simplicity of the peaceful life in the hills will slow you down and bring you down to earth. Kathmandu is a squatter city but if you figure out the amazing jingle that lingers in the crowd, you'll love it for all it's worth. If you planning to go to Nepal, please do. Our country is one of agriculture but our highest source of income is Tourism. There's plenty to do there. Enjoy it. :-)
0 # praba 2013-07-18 13:26
You answered it very well...
+1 # Jasmine 2012-11-29 02:15
Seriously? I went to Nepal last year and it was nothing like how its described here. I had never been to Nepal before even if my mother was born there. I read these kinds of articles and they are very misleading.I absolutely loved it there. The people there were so nice and caring. They didn't make me feel like a outcast even if I knew NO Nepali what-so-over. Yes, there are some problems there but what country doesn't have problems? And yes, Nepal is poor but doesn't mean the country is bad.
The political party have NOTHING to do with how anyone will be treated by the people there.
Should you wear your expensive jewelry and walk on busy streets? I would advise not. Just because some people there are bad doesn't mean the whole country is.

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