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After the Taj Mahal most tourist head to Varanasi, perhaps to there is a thrill in seeing the end of life, burning in flames. Varanasi maybe a tourist spot it is also very important to Hindu as a place to cremate their dead. The streets are narrow here and coated in red slick of pan juice, they hold millions of years of dung as Benares is the world oldest city.

At one time Benares was a perfect backpackers escape from the world, people did escape here in a opium filled haze. These days Varanasi has grown but still has it's bad boy roots, for example the Holi festival is exuberant as is the Kali Yatra and foreign tourists can expect to be a special.

The Good: One of the oldest and most sacred cities in the world. One can immerse one self in old world culture.

A great place for music. food to get lost through.


the narrow lane ways. Kite Festival, Kumba Mela



downThe Bad: This is the most visited tourist spots in India. It is an unhygienic place, mosquito problems. Many people worship Kali here.

The Ugly: It seems a number of tourist have 'disappeared' here over the years. Beware of strangers. NDM-1 has be found in gange during there spring.

The Ghats are also used a holy toilets so what your step and you might not want the river facing room after all.Varanasi_Map_MSP

Over all freshness rating: 72%

Getting to Varanasi by Flight:  There are a few flights from Delhi, Pokhara and Calcutta.

Getting to Varanasi by Train:  Not well connected, 16  hours to Calcutta, Delhi or Mumbai.

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